Have You Heard of EuHerd?

Have You Heard of EuHerd?

There's a lot of talk these days about alleviating food waste. So many farmers and chefs and food vendors are trying to figure out ways put precious ingredients to work instead of sending them to a la
CBD oil: Cannabis mega-hype or holistic medicine breakthrough?

CBD oil: Cannabis mega-hype or holistic medicine breakthrough?

Cannabis has been used for millennia in cultures throughout the world as a curative for ailments of both mind and body. More recently, patients undergoing treatment for HIV shared that cannabis increa
Rio Del Rey Heirloom Beans: Preserving our native legacy

Rio Del Rey Heirloom Beans: Preserving our native legacy

Mike Reeske is a man with a vision: to revive and reintroduce beans from our earliest history that deliver significantly better taste and depth of flavor than commercially processed dried beans, many
San Diego’s  Seafood  Challenge

San Diego’s Seafood Challenge

The next time you're at a seafood restaurant, ask your server which dishes feature San Diego seafood. You'll be lucky if he or she lists one or two dishes, even at restaurants with ocean views and "fi
Dreams Come True with Garden Kitchen

Dreams Come True with Garden Kitchen

Community isn't necessarily the first thing a restaurateur focuses on but for Coral Strong, it is the core of her new Rolando spot, Garden Kitchen. The theme comes up again and again at this cozy neig
Chef Charles Andres of Ocean Pacific Grille

Chef Charles Andres of Ocean Pacific Grille

From childhood, Charles Andres was intrigued by the affection and excitement he observed in the kitchen of his family home in the Philippines (and later, Hawaii) when multiple generations gathered to
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San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum Daily Storytime and Craft
Bring the Kids to Explore, Imagine, and Experiment through Hands-On Science, Art, and World Culture Activities! Storytim...
San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum Daily Storytime and Craft
Bring the Kids to Explore, Imagine, and Experiment through Hands-On Science, Art, and World Culture Activities! Storytim...
San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum Daily Storytime and Craft
Bring the Kids to Explore, Imagine, and Experiment through Hands-On Science, Art, and World Culture Activities! Storytim...

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Introducing kids to the joys of growing, cooking and eating good food.

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The economic, political, environmental and sustainability issues of our food community.

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Growing, cooking, and living a sustainable lifestyle.

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Individuals making an impact in the local food economy and community.

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Go on a journey to good food.

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Rejuvenate with good food.

Liberty Public Market

Long and eagerly awaited Liberty Public Market, 2920 Historic Decatur Rd. (next door to Stone Brewing) opened with a bang the first week of March. The place has been packed daily since then, especially around lunch and dinner, with people queueing up at more than a dozen hot and cold prepared food vendors, and browsing the 20 or so other businesses including flowers, olive oil, salts and spices, cheese, baked goods, produce, meats, candy, coffee, beer, wine, dog treats and more. 

Misión 19

  Located in the heart of Tijuana, Misión 19 is a global food destination. Since its inception in 2011, executive chef and owner Javier Plascencia's tenacity to rebuild the community of Tijuana has inspired a cultural and culinary renaissance that continues to evolve and grow. Tijuana boasts an abundance of food trucks and small, street side businesses, but Javier envisions more sit down, quality service restaurants in the future to draw in and sustain a wider range of visitors to the already bustling city center. Hopeful, Javier expressed that "the more people who visit Tijuana and then return to San Diego super happy and eager to share their experiences," the better.

Urban Plantations

Over six years ago, Karen Contreras, dissatisfied by her high paying corporate job, boldly decided to pursue her love for organic gardening and began following her passion instead of her paycheck. In 2008, she founded Urban Plantations, the first company in San Diego to promote and install gardens both for beauty and growing food. Since its inception, Urban Plantations has grown from a small company installing home gardens to corporate landscapes and everything in between. With over 35 years experience in the field, Karen takes time to educate and train her staff to ensure that they are knowledgeable and well versed in everything from sowing seeds and caring for trees to pest management and soil biology.   {gallery}stories/a-closer-look/urbanplantation{/gallery}   Urban Plantations has gained national and global attention with the ris

Suzie's Farm

Imagine an iconic farm nestled on fertile land in between the warm desert and cool Pacific coastline, teeming with life, nutritious food and a bustling community. Maybe you've heard of this oasis already? Suzie's Farm. Founded in 2009 by husband and wife team, Robin Taylor and Lucila De Alejandro, Suzie's is a local, urban, certified-organic farm located just 15 miles south of downtown San Diego in the Tijuana River Valley.   {gallery}stories/a-closer-look/suziesfarm{/gallery}   Suzie's has always had a big vision for the future. What began as a small sprout operation has become one of largest, most well known farms in the county. Dedication, hard work and immense patience through years of transformation and growth have brought the farm and it's family to the caliber at which it now stands., One of Suzie's main goals is to help connect the San Diego community with the origins of ou

Specialty Produce

Specialty Produce is much more than a fruit and vegetable distributor. Family owned and founded in 1989, Specialty Produce has worked diligently for more than thirty years to become a leader in service, product quality and technology to offer the best retail fresh produce and food service in San Diego. They offer delivery seven days a week within San Diego County to service restaurants and local chefs and to give consumers retail access to the same high quality, fresh produce and food.   {gallery}stories/a-closer-look/specialtyproduce{/gallery}   What sets Specialty Produce apart from other produce distributors is its unique application for Android and iPhone users that has been developed to share the story of fruits and vegetables. With over 1400 articles on distinctive fresh fruits and vegetables, the database that powers their

Brian's Farmers Markets

  Entrepreneur and philanthropist Brian Beevers is making big waves in San Diego's local food scene. Raised on a walnut farm in California's central valley, Brian understood the lot of the farmer from an early age and was no stranger to hard work. This rural background, coupled with this experience working for L'Arche ("The Ark"), a worldwide organization that creates residential communities for people with intellectual disabilities, helped fuel his passion to ofserve those less fortunate.   After moving back to San Diego after college, Brian took a job managing the City Heights Farmers' Market for the San Diego County Farm Bureau. From his first day at the market, Brian knew that he had found an ideal job that tied together his rural background and his goals for strengthening San Diego's farming community.   {gallery}stories/a-closer-look/briansfarmersmarkets{/gallery}   Bria

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