Italian Holiday Cookie Traditions

Written by Saturday, 30 January 2016 01:36
The paper is frayed and has a yellowish tint. The words are hard to read. There's a list of ingredients, but the measurements are sporadic and the instructions are random at best. It seems obvious that the only reason this wrinkled piece of paper has made it from generation to generation and kitchen to kitchen is not because it's an accurate recipe or even usable for most people, but because it's treasured by the family that inherited it. When I was growing up I remember my grandmother congregating with her cousins and close friends to bake cookies for the holidays.…
We're such enthusiastic gardeners in the spring. We plant our tomatoes and zucchini seeds, tend to the beans as they climb the poles, and diligently feed and water our peach and plum trees.We're rapt as the bounty begins to deluge us in July in what feels like an endless summer. But inevitably there comes that moment of realization in September that summer actually will come to an end and we'd better capture the fruit of our labor before it fades away.
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